Sunday night musings

20120527-083550 PM.jpg

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and we are almost at the end of our wait. The gods have sent one last delay until our van is ready to go to the market. If things go to plan (what little plan there is), we should set off to pick it up first thing on Tuesday morning, ready for leather lane on Wednesday.

In many ways we are grateful for the wait. It has given us the chance to hone our recipes, and to get to know our suppliers by more than just a name. It has also given us valuable time to try and conquer the endless logistical challenges that come with selling food on the move.

Unsurprisingly, it is always the things which you clearly can prepare for (basic things like buying gas, getting change from the bank, general preparatory errands) that are left until the last minute. Sitting in the sun just now we made a brief to do list for tomorrow. It is fifty things long, and counting. We have waited three months to start and now there is barely time to shower.

And i would be lying if i said that Mixed in with all the last minute excitement there wasn’t a tangible sense of trepidation. We have come this far, and planned so much, and spent all our precious resources on endless pitch fees, industrial sized salad spinners and a room full of dried shitake mushrooms – and now there is no turning back.

What if it rains all summer?
What if our new griddle misbehaves?
What if we forget napkins?
What if, god forbid, we lose the keys to the van?

All we can do is get out there and get on with it. all the unforeseen happenings and obstacles are half the fun, and one of the best reasons to hit the road, enjoy the adventure, and make it up as you go along.

Eat street at street feast

20120527-085854 PM.jpg

Yesterday we went along to the new street feast evening market on sclater street, off brick lane. This week, eat street took over and treated many a hungry mouth to a delicious array of yummy treats. We gorged on buttermilk fried chicken and warm cornbread muffins from the spit and roast van, followed by an insanely good orange blossom sorbet from the beautiful wood panelled sorbitium van.

20120527-085410 PM.jpg

It was a really happy evening, and the perfect end to a hot sunny Friday. It was great to catch up with the eat street guys and they wished us lots of luck for our first outing next week. We hope we make it look half as easy as they do.

20120527-085402 PM.jpg

the wait is (almost) over

we just went to see the van after its final spray. just a few more finishing touches to put in place before we drive it home at the end of the week.

friday can’t come soon enough…