day two at kings x

Today we are joined by elephant juice, mother flipper, horn ok please and tongue’n’cheek. London seems to be empty (shame on you all!) but we are cooking up our finest and playing the odd game of ping pong in between.

here are the mother flipper team who are our new best friends and current neighbours:

20120731-060651 PM.jpg

free ping pong

they have free ping pong tables at kings cross. It is very fun. Anyone with time to kill should come and play.

20120730-062428 PM.jpg

eat street at kings x

20120730-030330 PM.jpg

here we are at kings x station square, as part of the olympian eat street grande bouffe, where we will be until the end of Wednesday. WE will then join the rest of them at exhibition road on Saturday and Sunday. It is windy and wonderful and I have put out my rob Ryan bunting to celebrate!

20120730-030451 PM.jpg