The first (little) harvest

20121029-013655 PM.jpg

In the spring, courtesy of a present my sister gave me from allotinanbox, which gives you beautiful packets of seeds complete with a seasonal growing wheel to tell you what to grow when, labels and rustic looking twine, I planted my first proper vegetables: carrots.

I have (just about) tended to them all summer and on Thursday I plucked up the courage to pick them and see the results. They are very small, and very odd looking, but they are sweet and tasty and everything you could want from a carrot.

20121029-013606 PM.jpg

Katia eats the street

On Friday lovely soon-to-be doctor Katia helped us out at street feast. Far more capable than either of us on the till, and a genuinely talented multitasker, she got the orders out with great skill and plenty of smiles. We secretly wish she wasn’t at med school so she could stay with us forever.

Her reward for the night: a juicy big apple hotdog. It disappeared faster than you can say ketchup and mustard.

20121029-124321 PM.jpg

20121029-124327 PM.jpg

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Julia eats the street

Ben’s parents came to street feast last Friday and bought pretty much everything in sight. Every five minutes they came running back to send jungle juice, cupcakes, scallops and other naughty treats through the hatch. By the end of the night we had accrued a stockpile large enough to last the winter.

Here is Julia devouring freshly seared scallops and king prawns from Barrie at pop up Barbados:

20121029-121108 PM.jpg

His food is amazing and you get so much more than you pay for. He runs a supper club which is well worth checking out: details at