Rainbo & finch’s quarterly review: a street van named desire

If you haven’t already caught our piece on the joys of our charitable street food journey in the latest edition of f.q.r. go get it!



Otherwise I think they publish previous editions online so you can wait with bated breath until the summer.

march 2013: back on the road

Picture 29
having made it home from our travels in india and nepal and indulged in red meat, baths and red wine in equal quantities, we are ripe and ready to roll into action back on the streets of good (c)old london.*

next week we are knuckling down to restock on our beloved gyoza, and tuesday march 5 will see us parking up on the tastiest kerb in town as we rejoin our friends down at the kings cross boulevard for our weekly lunchtime fix.

we will also be travelling into the city with kerb on thursday march 7 and 21 to feed hungry business-minded mouths outside the gherkin. come early and hungry!

april sees our favourite friday market street feast spring back into action and we can’t wait. we don’t know the location yet but we are super excited to get back down and dirty in east london. in anticipation of its return (and generally just to celebrate the joys of van life), we will be joining street feast, luardos, spit & roast, big apple hot dogs, street kitchen, well kneaded, the bowler & bleecker burger down at the brooklyn brewery at thames house car park in dalston on march 12 for a truckin’ good celebration of beer and street food. ¬£6 advance tickets get you one free Brooklyn Brewery beer and one signature dish from any of the traders.

Picture 22

we are also intrigued and excited to be part of the next lost lectures on march 21 and 22, at a secret location in the capital… the theme is ‘the lost reality’ and we only hope we can hold on to our own until the end of play.

at the end of the month on march 24 we will get craft-happy over at craft central gets hitched in clerkenwell. come and indulge your inner creative bride and gorge on gyoza while you’re at it.

check twitter for more in the meantime.

and remember: with every meal you buy off us, wherever you are, you will donate 20p directly to our food for freedom initiative, helping rescue child labourers in nepal.

so there is no excuse not to get down and feast till you can’t feast no more!

* the idea was to miss the bad weather while away. whence the late february snow? can it go back to where it came from?

rainbo + htc: tale of our city


you may have read on our blog, or you may have deduced from our hurried and excited filming through heavy rain and busy kerbside lunchtimes, that we have been working with htc as urban ambassadors, recording our street food meanderings on their new one x + phones for a short film themed around reimagining our city and transforming urban spaces. street food life is a weird and wonderful window into the hidden nooks and corners of london and we hope we did our hometown justice.

it was huge fun and really great to work with them – their generous contribution to our charity project in nepal has been wonderful, and we have been making full use of the phones out here on our travels to capture the lives of the kids we are supporting.

have a watch and pass it on, and see you back in the uk soon…