A couple of weeks ago we locked and loaded the vans and rolled on down to Wilderness for a jam-packed weekend of fearsome griddling and fun forest revelry. The crowd was our hungriest yet and moments away from the van were few and far between, but we did manage to catch Empire of the Sun and feed the very nice guys from Noah and the Whale. Hours of prepping and cooking were peppered with the occasional fleeting exchange with another hurried trader – our favourite resounding image is that of the guys from Bleecker Burger, often glimpsed trying to haul inordinate amounts of meat across site faster than it would generally let them (see Rob below). We were also paid many happy visits by my sister and her kiddies who made themselves right at home in our hire van kitchen / larder / bedroom, the novelty of which seemed endless.

rainbo at wilderness





Picture 1


The moment we got back and unpacked we headed off to Portugal for a week of beachside chilling and eating.

If only every festival could end with a holiday.