Rainbo: the next step of the journey



After almost four years on the road, Rainbo’s founders Ben and Xochi have decided it is time to step back from the griddle and pass the business on to someone who can take it to its next incarnation.

Having occupied a trusted and celebrated place at the heart of the British street food scene since its inception in 2012, Rainbo and its iconic truck has become the go-to van for healthy, colourful Asian cuisine and their signature homemade gyoza. From festivals and night markets such as Street Feast to lunch times with KERB and a whole range of private events around the country, Rainbo has been continually evolving both as a business and within the burgeoning street food scene. Their beloved 1948 Ford pickup is one of London’s most iconic food trucks and highly desired at both public and private events.
With Xochi’s growing interest in wellness and nutrition and new book, The Naturalista, coming out in April, she and Ben are focusing on a new path and looking for someone with passion, creativity, a business mind and a love of creating colourful, healthy street food to take over the reins, and propel what they have built into a new life. This is the perfect opportunity for someone looking to break into the increasingly competitive street food scene, where new concepts abound and places to trade can be difficult to come by. With a reliable reputation and a tried and tested menu, which can be easily scaled up and down, Rainbo offers a much lower-risk point of entry with all of the hard work, trials and errors of Ben and Xochi behind it. In the ever more competitive scene, this is invaluable for those looking to get off the ground from scratch.
They are asking those interested to send in their vision of where they see the business heading, and how they would continue the brand and product. This could be through taking on the whole business, complete with the unique converted pickup truck and all its equipment; alternatively the next person may wish to take on only the brand and recipes.
“The most important thing to us is that Rainbo goes to the right person who can continue our vision and what we have grown in a passionate and creative way. Whether this entails the van or not, there are so many possibilities for the brand and we are excited to cast the net wide and see what visions and ideas are out there.
We want to hear your vision for the brand. What Rainbo means to you and where you would take it, menu ideas, a business plan (if you have one – we never did!), and why the street food life calls you. At this point we are flexible with how the process and takeover unfold; most of all, we want to ensure that Rainbo goes to the right person(s), who is suited to this lifestyle and who will thrive in this amazing scene. We know how much potential Rainbo has and would love to see it continue to flourish.”
If you are interested, send a proposal with a short paragraph on the following:
– why the street food life calls to you
– what Rainbo means to you
– where you envisage taking the brand (both in terms of strategy and menu)
– how much you are ready to invest
We will be meeting potential candidates over the next couple of months and will announce the new owner in the spring.
All applications and queries should go to hello@rainbofood.com.