Introducing James and Jamie: the new owners of Rainbo

Three years ago at Wilderness, on the Sunday evening when we were on the tougher side of tired and the sun was shining down on our big black truck with a particular fervour, two hungry guys came up and asked for something in the region of fifty to eighty gyoza. On the one hand we were delighted – never had we had an order so big – and on the other, the logistics that came with the order almost floored us; but little did we know it was the beginning of a mutual love of dumplings that led James and Jamie to get behind the Rainbo wheel and take it forwards and into the future.

We were over the moon when they stepped up following our last blog post, and have been busy discussing gyoza and Asian food in great depth over the last few weeks. To say they like gyoza is something of an understatement: there is nothing these two don’t know about dumplings and in all honesty it really puts us in our place. Shortly after we met they started a dumpling society (Dumper Soc) and one of them (we leave you to discover which) even has a tattoo of one (involving an otter and chopsticks).

The universe works in magical ways and we could not be happier to see Rainbo roll in to its next incarnation with them at the helm. A mutual passion for healthy food, Asian flavours, all things gyoza and a life of colourful adventures starts their journey where ours leaves off and we are so excited to see what flavours and fun unfold.

Meanwhile it’s forwards on the holistic path for us as we delve deeper into nutrition, wellness and hold retreats in London and beyond. But one thing is for certain: there will always be room for one more Rainbo dumpling…

More to come from these two – and with their abundance of knowledge, warmth and inspiration you’d better make friends quick.

Xochi and Ben x