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We believe that street food should be delicious, vibrant and good for you. We serve homemade gyoza dumplings, Asian salads and other colourful treats from a converted 1948 Ford pickup.


For menus, quotes or just to say hello, get in touch at hello@rainbofood.com.

James & Jamie



4 responses to “About us

  1. Hey guys love your work. We recently broke the world record for the highest gig in Nepal and we’re just finishing building our first orphanage out there. Keep up the good work and I look forward to recieving your mails and keeping tabs on you and the good work being done in Nepal.

  2. Amini

    Hey guys, have just come across your page via Pinterest, loving what you are all about, so inspriational, I am currently in the process of dreaming up a similar idea over here in, Australia. I am on the search for a van to start with, but what are some hot tips that helped you along the way? I am ready to dive right into this project and looking for as much help as I can get from fellow foodies! Thanks! : )

    • admin


      We are so pleased you are inspired by our street food odyssey so far. Go you for doing it down under! I am not sure what the street food scene is like there but it must be pretty exciting with so many different influences and ingredients…

      We are always happy to answer any questions so drop us a line at hello@rainbofood.com if you like.

      Speak soon and good luck


    i think what you do for those kids is exceptional… more people like you should spread around the world, in fact you should have a street food truck in every capital of the world, so more kids can get the support that you provide them. when the fist of tyranny beats up people there are always guardian angles like you, who help the defenceless stand up. Great job.

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