Whether you want sizzling homemade gyoza and super crunchy salads, or just a big old vintage truck to hang out in, the Rainbo van is available to hire for private parties and events.

For quotes, questions of just to say hello, get in touch via the below.

m: 07771977129
t: @rainbofood

9 responses to “Contact

  1. Emma Scott

    feeeed me…. YUM

  2. Karen Watts

    I just had some gyoza from your Leather Lane van along with the salad and edamame. It was absolutely delicious. The people serving were lovely too! I’ll definitely be back.

  3. Mary Kerr

    You guys are inspiring! x

  4. Hi Ben & Shrimp, we had a chat yesterday at eat st. Check out epicurely, where people can find great food in the capital. It might be something for you as well. It’s all about people sharing their passion for food and actual food entrepreneurs. Let me know if you like it so i can give u the access key.

    Keep doing what u guys are doing!

  5. Margherita

    you are bringing the love to the world. love you both! x

  6. Diane

    I’ve mentioned Rainbo on the Cornbury festival Facebook page—they are soliciting input on what food was the best in the summer 2012 festival. All the best to you in Nepal and I do hope you’ll turn up in Cornbury again this year. Possibly you’ll have bigger and better things to do!

  7. Hi Shrimpy, Dad told me about your wonderful venture last night and I’ve just checked out what you do. Its AMAZING! Can you send me some details of what it would cost to book you for a night, or for a lunch and what sort of things you could do so that I can tell people about you and maybe find an occasion where I could book you for something myself.
    Last time I saw you was at Lady Eden’s where my girls went as well, few years below you.
    xxx Jet Shenkman

  8. admin

    Hi caz

    Thanks for getting in touch. If you drop us a line at hello(at)rainbofood(dot)com with details we can let you know our availabilty. Speak soon!

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