The first (little) harvest

20121029-013655 PM.jpg

In the spring, courtesy of a present my sister gave me from allotinanbox, which gives you beautiful packets of seeds complete with a seasonal growing wheel to tell you what to grow when, labels and rustic looking twine, I planted my first proper vegetables: carrots.

I have (just about) tended to them all summer and on Thursday I plucked up the courage to pick them and see the results. They are very small, and very odd looking, but they are sweet and tasty and everything you could want from a carrot.

20121029-013606 PM.jpg

One response to “The first (little) harvest

  1. John

    Have you eaten those carrots yet?
    If not, would you be willing to sell me one? the one in the front left of the picture, that looks like a pincer
    please get back to me, thanks

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